The Truth About Numbnuts & Chubbs by Cat Kelly

Today I bring you Cat Kelly and her romantic comedy The Truth About Numbnuts and Chubbs. First off, I love the title and have already purchased it through Evernight. I love a good steamy yet funny story. I can’t wait to dive in! Please enjoy the little teaser Cat has brought. Enjoy!

Bryony Mulligan and Benedick Petruska have been fighting since they were kids. Raised in a tough, Brooklyn neighborhood they’re both scrappers who survived their share of struggles. But Ben turned his bad-boy reputation into a billion-dollar business empire. Now he lives in a Central Park penthouse, travels in his private jet and gets everything the way he wants it.

That is, until he runs into Bryony again.

The girl he once called “Chubbs” is all grown up, smart as a whip and has curves that silicone can’t recreate. She also has no patience for “Numbnuts” Petruska. Sure, she might have had a crush on him…once. But if he plans to trap her in his web of sex games, turning her into another submissive conquest, he’s in for a surprise.

This time he’s about to bite the panties off the wrong woman. Or maybe she’s been the right one all along.


            He tried to swallow, but his throat was dry. Fuck. Suddenly he was goddamn nervous again. “Sure you don’t want something to eat?”

            “Quite sure.” She was looking up at him, eyes blue and shining—but not with the innocence she claimed a few seconds ago.

            “Are you cold?”

            “No,” she replied softly. “I’m never cold. Do I look cold?”

            “It’s a thin dress. I just thought—”

            On tip toe she kissed him. He inhaled her spicy perfume, tasted her lipstick. Her breasts moved against his shirt and white hot need burst through his body.       Quickly his hands swept up to caress her shape. If she was wearing anything underneath, he couldn’t feel it. She was firm but the curves were very full, a perfect weight in his palms. A low groan, emerged from deep in his throat and his cock hardened, his balls tightened.

            “Ms. Mulligan.” He circled one finger over the nipple pricking at the front of her dress. “You’re not wearing a bra.”

            “I took it off in your bathroom,” she confessed, her breath blowing soft against his cheek. “Panties too.”

            Inside his head a thin wire melted from the heat and he lost whatever old-fashioned gentlemanly restraint his grandmother would have urged. Now he understood his fear. This was a fantasy come to life. He should be fucking scared; it was probably a healthy reaction to the situation.

            He lifted her onto the window ledge, over the heating vents, and then he slipped one eager hand between her parted thighs.

            Sure enough there were no panties and his fingers found their path to treasure unrestricted. Her pussy was already damp, the lips soft as rose petals. “Damn.”

            “What’s the matter?”

            “I would have preferred to take them off you,” he muttered gruffly, one trembling finger slowly caressing her labia. He wanted to bury himself inside that warm, wet haven. All day he’d been thinking about it, making up various scenarios in his head. Sexy Bryony Mulligan owed him this after running away from him all these years. “Next time remember that.”

            “Next time?” She gasped, half laughing. “No way. Tonight is a one off.” Her hands were on his shoulders, running over the tense muscle under his shirt. “And no one needs to know about it, Petruska. No one.”

            Ok then, he thought. If that’s the way she wanted it. He’d have to make the most of the time. 

            With his free hand, he slid her short dress up over her thigh high stockings. Whatever she said, her legs must have been cold that night, but he’d warm her up.

            As he slid his forefinger inside her, she moaned, eyes closed, the back of her head pressed against the window. Ben leaned into her for another kiss and deepened it. His tongue swept inside her mouth, just as his finger moved further into her tight, slippery cunt, curling upward, seeking her g-spot. He unzipped his pants with one hand and let them fall to his knees, knowing he was rushing this but unable to slow down. She wrapped her legs around his waist, apparently in a hurry too. Their lips parted and Ben dipped his head to lick her left nipple through the material. It blossomed, thrusting at his tongue, and she cupped her tit urging him to suck. He pressed a second finger inside her pussy and she gasped out his name.

            It sounded damn good on her maraschino cherry lips.

            Oh, yeah. He felt her shiver. There it was.

            He touched her clit as he pressed his tongue to the sharpened nipple. He massaged both sensitive points gently, paying close attention to the deepening sound of her moans. Dew soaked his fingers and when the heating clicked on, blowing up at her through the vents, she squirmed, exclaiming breathlessly that it tickled.

            Ben smirked, moving his fingers faster in and out. “Take your dress off,” he grunted. He wanted her naked in his window while he fucked her. No one could see a thing this high up, unless they used a telescope or binoculars. But the thought of it added a spark to the fire. Add he needed to see her breasts, needed to rub his face on her nipples, breath in the scent of her soft skin.

            “No,” she gasped out. “Leave it on.” And then her eyes opened. “I’m shy.”

            He wanted to laugh. “Shy? Shy?” Somehow he didn’t believe it. Nothing about those scarlet lips was timid now.

            “Yes!” She pouted, sliding her fingers down his torso to his erection, where it arched against his Calvins. He was throbbing, aching with need. Her perfume mingled with the musk of her roused sex. It sent a primitive signal to his brain—to the part that had never adapted to civilization, but still thought he lived in a cave and could drag a woman around by the hair if the need arose. The good old days, he mused.

            “I want to see your tits,” he managed, after struggling a few moments with the urge to simply tear that flimsy dress right off her. If they only had one night, he was going to make it count.

            She wriggled, pulling the shoulders down and carefully slipping her arms out of the sleeves.

            Ben paused a moment to appreciate and pay homage to her beautiful breasts. Perfect, plump teardrops with dark, very sensitive nipples. One touch of his tongue against them and they puckered. Her breath hitched in her throat. From then on the rhythm of her gasps became more frantic. Her fingers strayed to the waistband of his underwear and she tugged them forcefully down to free his erection.

            He felt her long nails scrape across his sac, her palm cupping his hot flesh, gently squeezing and weighing. Then her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

            “I want this,” she purred.

            Funny. That was his reaction the minute he saw her gorgeous butt bent over in front of him that morning.

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