New Year’s Resolutions So Not Me

Symbol CityIt’s like a sick past time as the year draws to a close. New Year’s resolutions! What will I do to start the year out right? Lose weight? Be kinder to the people around me? Finish a project I have been trying to get completed for fifteen billion years. Stop giving the finger to the twat driving ten miles below the speed limit on a one way street?

Sure! Sounds great…until about a month in when you set your list aflame and snort the ashes. This sends you on a bender that leaves your bare ass cheeks up in the air with a bottle of tequila in one hand and spent condom stuck in your hair.

Okay, maybe not.

Reaffirming commitment to something isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s just the ritual I object to. Being human, we slip from time to time. Why not make an effort not to do whatever we didn’t want to do again? You know, learn from our mistakes. I realize the whole diet thing is easy to fall off the wagon, grasping to a rope as you try to gain purchase back on track.  For me? I’d rather eat better and live well than count calories. It’s less depressing, and I love fresh veggies and fruit.

…and ice cream in moderation. I do that by using a cappuccino mug instead of a cereal bowl. Works wonders. Much like baking a shit ton of cookies during the holidays. I never want to look at a cookie again. But that works for me, not everyone.

As a writer I have goal more than a resolutions for 2013.  Write more. It’s the same every year. It hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s more than just pounding the keys. I want to write well and have stories that my readers enjoy. New, different, and refreshing. Not the same old characters with different names and occupations/settings/etc.

So journey with me into the New Year. Delight in the written word and, most of all, be happy with who you are. Without inner happiness, are but a boat adrift without a paddle. And the air is afoul with an awful stench.