Merry Christmas

Today I’m going to break from my normal posting madness and introduce you to the newest edition of my family. It’s been over five years since I had a pet, my darling Rose was seventeen years old when he passed.

While I know there’s pet stores and people with loads of animals, I decided to go through Furry Friends Network. These are families to unselfishly devote their time to caring for strays, getting them spayed or neutered, and taking care of the babies that were born. The benefit of going this route is I knew my fur baby would be void of fleas, worms, and the like. Plus they’re already fixed.

So I went to the local Petsmart that allows this wonderful organization to set up shop in the store. The most important thing is to remember a pet isn’t something you choose. They choose you. I walked by a cage and a kitten stuck out her paw. She was a beauty. I wanted her and she seemed to want me. My son, on the other hand, went straight for the black cats.

You see, Rose was a black male that I bonded with right after his birth. It was that quick. I never had a cat before but he just caught me in his web of cuteness. I even had to find an apartment that allowed pets just for him. It was worth it. My son and him didn’t bond right away. In fact, Rose hissed when I brought my son home from the hospital. Some people might have thought “time to get rid of the cat”. Not me. Rose was my baby too and I knew he’d come around and realize not only was he staying, so was this little human who was taking his place on my lap. I had zero problems. That’s the bond I had with Rose.

So the black kitty’s name was Brine. I pet her and got the feel if we could be compatible. She was a darling. Then came the news after I filled out the paperwork. Another family was interested in Cassie, the first cat I had a connection with. I didn’t want to have one cat, I wanted two. Plus, Brine had been raised with three sisters. How could I not have a playmate for her. So I decided to check out Brine’s sisters. A gray tiger just stared at me. Her name was Ariel. The other cats seemed to show interest in me but Ariel stuck her back paw into the face of one as if to say “Back off, this is my human”.

She was right. It didn’t take as long as it felt to get them but I got the email that I was approved. It erased a crappy day for me. I was overjoyed. I was going to be a mommy to two fur babies.

Brine & Ariel 2

They’re still shy but warming up. they’ve already had misadventures in getting stuck in places kitties shouldn’t go. Their favorite hang out is under my bed but they’ll come out if they’re not napping. One sister does not go anywhere without the other. I could be happier in my decision. 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone. Remember–A rescued animal is the best way to go.