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IMAI have a lot of guest bloggers here at The Eclectic Zaftig Chick. Why? I love helping authors out, many of whom offer me spots on their blog. It’s a great way to support each other and broaden our audience. I don’t expect them to offer but when I have a new release, they’re eager to help.

I’ve come to find out, however, not every author is as kind. In fact, some of my author friends have been stood up by the same author who promised them spots on their blog only to never follow through. This after their blog spot is happily put up by the stiffed author.

What gives? How could someone be so rude? I’d like to think that they’ve just forgot but I know in the back of my mind that isn’t the case. Perhaps it’s jealousy for the success of the other author, I really can’t say only offer an opinion. They’ve enjoyed their success too, after all.

Yeah, no. Not naming the person who’s doing this because it hasn’t happened to me. It’s also partly because I read one of their novels and decided never to ask or offer. Besides, I really don’t like promoting authors that I feel are sub-par or selfish in their own needs.

That’s what it comes down to for me. A selfish “me, me, me” who only thinks of their own career. The princess that waves happily as they enter their kingdom but once the doors shut, they’re shouting at the servants to get the peasants off their lawn.

I’ve got one thing to say to the person who probably doesn’t have a clue on their behavior:

Someone once helped you get going in your writing career. Perhaps helping others is a great way to give back the hand up you were given. Maybe not, for some. Me? I’m going to remember where I came from and be a giver not a taker.

I’ve had enough of people in my life that only thought of themselves above all. There’s a big difference between looking out for yourself and thinking the world revolves around you. Just remember that someday you’ll burn the wrong bridge and when you turn around for a helping hand, all you’ll find is ash.


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