Honoring a Dear Friend

When I write, sometimes it’s the people around me that influence me. While it’s not always the norm, I have named characters after people I know. I’ve also played around with some names in a sick twist of sorts.

Today I’m going to talk about The Romance Novel Book Club. Yes, that book again. 😉 It really represents my humor well. I don’t remember how long ago it was but I met someone that made an impression on me. Unbeknownst to me at the time, she was hurting inside but never showed it. Our first meeting was in person. After that, we had a online friendship. I even met up with her a couple of times in Pittsburgh when I was visiting family. Like the two characters in the book, we cheered each other up and gave a virtual shoulder when it was needed. She got one of the first glimpses as I struggled to write The Romance Novel Book Club. I took a knock on romance novels and created a spicy love story.

Winter Classic 422

Yes, the character Julie is named after a real Julie. Her lifestyle and demeanor aren’t the same but the character IS a homage to her. She deserves it. People in my life affect me and their little ticks have a habit of making it into my books. This is why, though I hadn’t planned it, I have an idea for the next fork in the road for Patricia and Julie.

I hope to work on the next book in the next year. I even have the title: The Spanky Pants Diary. There’s a small clue in The Romance Novel Book Club on where I might go with this. Let’s just say, since I had my *cough cough* reunion this year, it’s going to make an appearance.

And Julie’s going to take the reigns on this one. That’s right. Patricia’s the side kick, watching her friend learn to love again.

With a little kink and humor, of course. Stay tuned!


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  1. Wow! Thank you! You have always been there for me & I love you more than you know! Now I’m salivating for the next one, lol. ❤

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