All Aboard the Fail Train!

It’s been a rough November of drama llama ding dong for me. Such is life. At this point, I’ve got to come to the realization that NaNo just might not happen. In some respects, it sucks. I’ve been successful every year save my first in 2007.

What I got to deal with is this: Even though I won’t reach the magical 50k, I have expanded the story I wanted to expand into near novel size and I still have more to go on it. Thus, I have the rough draft I want. Give it a bit of spit shine and I’ll have it out the door by (hopefully) the end of December if not January.

What this means to me is getting another publication and that far outweighs winning NaNo. Sorry, hard fact of life. I supported NaNo through a donation, using monies received from royalties. I felt I should give back to an event that’s helped me achieve so much. So not getting saluted in the end doesn’t bother me. Before I might have thought of it as a failure but in the grand scheme of things, most of my publications have come outside of the mystical madness in November.

So the graphic isn’t completely right at the top as far as count goes. I did write on some of those red days but not much. However, it’s a blood red reminder of how I slipped off the goals I had for this month. I certainly didn’t worry about updating my word count either. It’s a distraction.

Keep writing and reading, my friends. In the end, the spit shine that follows after November is much more gratifying.