Talbot’s Ploy Reviewed and a Taste of the Prequel

Top 2 Bottom Reviews were nice enough to review Talbot’s Ploy and gave it 4.5 out of 5 kisses. Please take the time to read what they thought of it here.

As you might have already read from my previous blog post, I’m working on the prequel to Talbot’s Ploy. In fact, the bit I posted isn’t even the first chapter anymore. That’s how it works when you’re in a NaNo Frenzy. I just didn’t think, even though it was a good rough action scene, that it provided enough of the friendship he shared with his friends and the different reaction they had of him in their brief appearance in Talbot’s Ploy. Well, Delron and Landis anyway. 😉

I love history so in writing these I try to be as concise as possible on fact. Sure it would be nice to just write it up, forget about the world around them, and hammer out sex scene after sex scene. I, as a reader, expect more than that so when I write, I do the same. In the 18th century, if you were caught in the activities Talbot engages in with his partners, you were put to death. Period. There was zero tolerance for homosexuality. It’s not fiction, it’s fact. I can’t ignore that or not have my character live with a tinge of fear because of it.

Some have loved it, others don’t. I’m not going to dwell on it. The stories I weave aren’t cookie cutter or at least I don’t think so. It’s going to have layers and sometimes a minor character, like what I did with Mandy in Dream Weaver, will get their own story.

Here’s another tidbit of my work in progress from NaNo. It was Talbot’s Game but I think Talbot’s Seduction works much better. For those who read the Talbot’s Ploy you’ll recall a minor character Delphine. This is Talbot’s first meeting with her.


Talbot shot up. “I cannot do this.”

“Perhaps a drink?” She smirked.

“Oui.” He shook his head. “Non. I mean.” He slumped to the bed. He gazed at her breasts, the rosy areolas peaked as she played with them. He willed his cock to respond. Urged his hands to take command of what she possessed that moment. His body refused his demands. He fell back to the bed and draped an arm over his eyes.

“It is no use, Mademoiselle. I fear my reputation is bold and quite untrue.” Talbot sighed. “I have delved into something I cannot shake and my cock yearns to do the most wicked of things. God help me.”

“God cannot help you, Talbot. Not in this.”

Talbot bolted upright. “What know you of it? Such things are not common place nor a luxury of a brothel. Keep the coin, I shall hide away so my father thinks the task is done.” He went to stand and she pushed him down.

“I know plenty of which you speak, Talbot, and I can procure you whatever you desire. With discretion.” She put a finger to his lips to stop his next words. “I know, Talbot, and you are not the first to suffer with this affliction. Speak it and I shall give you your desire.”

“I cannot follow that path. It leads to death.”

“Only if you bed the wrong person and I can aid you in that. Do you wish it?”

Talbot fought with the carnal lust rising like the turbulent ocean. The Comte could never provide for him fully. The experience gained was like no other but Talbot yearned for more.

“Will it grant me peace I seek?” he whispered.

“Only if you embrace what you are without the chains of guilt.” She smiled.