Why NaNo?

It’s a question asked often. I mean, I’m a writer. Don’t I write all the time? What’s the purpose of setting aside a whole month to reach fifty thousand words if you’re meeting deadlines you’ve set for yourself?

The truth is, people, if I can say “November is my writing month” I ‘generally’ get slack from family and friends for sequestering myself in my basement cave to pound the keys. I wish I could say I annnounce that I’m going to write/edit/etc and there was not a peep from my household about it. Sorry, I’m not that lucky. Every writer has that person in their life that think they’re wasting their time. If you have one of them, ignore their negativity. They don’t get it and never will. Don’t try and sway them to your side with cookies. Just write.

For me, NaNo is the chance to crank out a story super fast. Sure it’s not perfect and it’s going to need editing (badly!) but it’s written! That’s a major feat! By entering the writer frenzy, you shirk editing and anything that normally slows your pace. You allow your fingers to fly and try to ignore the misspellings. Okay, I don’t on that last one. I’ve had slips that, when going back through, I have no idea what I meant.

The point is to get that story out of your head. If you do it for fun, you’re getting the point. It should be fun and not stressful. My success last year proved that I don’t have to make an epic monsterous unfinished novel to win. You don’t have to do that, you can be a rebel.

For me writing has become a way to generate a little extra income. I’m sure tax time won’t be fun because it’s like being self-employed. You still have to pay but I’ll happily do it because it means I reached a threshold in my income. I hope to more than double it next year.

Goals are important. NaNo gives us a goal. Fifty thousand words. Are you in?