Sasha’s Gift Contracted!

I’m very happy to announce that Evernight Publishing has contracted Sasha’s Gift, my comtemporary m/m piece. I had originally tried to get this one for the Christmas m/m Anthology but it wasn’t meant to be. I’m beginning to think that anthologies just aren’t what I should be doing anymore.

So, without further pause, I give you the synopsis of Sasha’s Gift to mull over. No date has been set for the release but as always, keep looking here for it!

Mark DiAngelo has hid behind his persona Sasha for most of his life. When his parents died in a plane crash, he was thrust into foster care where he met his first love. While his new lover Cameron embraced his love for men, his foster parents tossed him back into the system.

Sasha wanted no parts of being told his sexual orientation is wrong and hits the streets to seek his fortune. He finds solace in a man named Cassidy who shows him the wonders of an underground gay club catering to any sexual act a customer can think up.

Sasha embraces his new lifestyle and lover Cassidy only to find the world he created after losing his first love Cameron is nothing but a lie. Torn between a man he hardly knows and the only life he’s ever known, Sasha has got to decide whether the offer from Cassidy is his path or the blossoming new romance with an older man named David Gearhart will fill his heart.