Six Sentence Sunday: The Romance Novel Book Club

Today I have a snippet from a humorous contemporary piece recently picked up by Evernight Publishing. The Romance Novel Book Club was a brain child I’d created some time ago. No rhyme or reason to real plot or chapters, I just ploughed along. My friends got a good giggle and I got all the frustrating things I found in some of the romance novels I had been reading. Let’s just say I’ve broadened my horizons since then. I also finished the moneky on my back.

Enjoy a little humour from the main character Patricia as she attempts to read the latest book in her romance pile.

I had gotten twenty-five pages in and not one sexually charged word had been written. The author spent pages upon pages explaining how tough as nails her chick was. No wonder the character never had a man in her life. He’d go to stick it in, she’d clench her well-formed muscles and pop! His dick would fall off. She’d finish it off with a scissor kick to the head.

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