Release Day: The Salvation of the Brotherhood

The day has finally arrived for the next chapter in Bashear Santiago’s story. When I originally wrote The Mark of the Brotherhood, I didn’t have a new idea immediately but, as my muse always does, one popped in my head. His story isn’t done. Perhaps it never will be because of the place he lives. The Isle of Gosling resides in my homebrew world of Arakani.

It’s a wicked place where the former pirates hug the coastline because of the foul beasts that live in the interior of the island. I also made a history that banished members of the new colony were thrown on the other side of the great wall they created to keep these creatures out to perish. Still, it proved a good place to set up because of its harsh environment. Well, when they were thieving pirates instead of legit swindlers. 😉

When Pulp Empire contacted me along with the other contributors of the first volume about doing another, I jumped at the opportunity. I pitched The Salvation of the Brotherhood to them and they liked the idea. So of I went to write it. I had not written one word but once Santiago gets in your head, the story flows nicely.

Santiago is reunited with his love, the son he never knew existed, and killed his rival but his past isn’t quite buried yet. He has one individual to deal with before he can move on with his new life and role in The Brotherhood–His father.

While Santiago was away from the isle of Castillo, his father did more than give away his inheritance to James. He gathered the enemies of The Brotherhood to slowly strip away the treaty the Pyrate Pact brought to the original houses. Santiago soon realizes that his rescue by Captain de Levell goes deeper than removing a thorn from The Brotherhood’s side. It clutches at the precarious notion of Santiago’s drive for revenge on all who had a hand at harming the people he holds dear.

Left with the choice to leave in the dead of night with his family or fight for what he once believed in, Sanitago is left with trusting the one thing that’s never truly failed him—his sword.

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