The Romance Novel Book Club Finds A Home

I’ve loved every acceptance I’ve gotten thus far in my publishing journey. Each one brought a smile to my face. The Romance Novel Book Club, however, just beats them all. Yep, the first publication I ever got and my NaNo frenzy success. TRNBC hair pulls them all in the girl fight.


Because this one is my favorite child. It started out as a giggle fest to all the things I found wrong in typical romance novels aand blossomed into a woman finding that one special guy that rocks her world more than anything. I can’t even tell what the projected release date is yet but I will when I get it. I just couldn’t resist shouting to the rooftops on this one. 🙂

Here’s the synopsis I whipped up for the story:

Patricia has been unfulfilled in her romantic life since her college experimental days. When her best friend Julie decides that trashy romance novels are the key to unlocking the secrets to snatching the perfect man, Patricia dives into a more delusional world of low expectations.

Enter the hunk of a man that waits tables at Casa Favolosa. Matt is the specimen her hormones are raging for. Patricia can’t keep her eyes from roaming his tight physique and plots to find a way to never take her hands off his taut ass among other things. The trouble is, she’s combating her thirties old maid syndrome along with a refrigerator full of premium ice cream pints.

Her own devices plot against her and every encounter with Matt ends in disaster. She commiserates every failure by diving into whatever ever willing fleshy male flaunts his package in her general direction. Patricia’s one more romance novel away from realizing love has pulled a massive wedgie over her eyes and kicked her down the stairs.

After a night at Black Room, a sexual fantasy club, Patricia realizes she must find the courage to go for it with Matt before she loses her one true chance for her own Happily Ever After.

So many people pushed me to finish this. Most of all Lila Shaw. Man ,I have some great friends, don’t I?


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