Six Sentence Sunday: Sasha’s Gift

Sasha’s Gift is my latest m/m completed work. I’ve sent it off for submission in Evernight Publishing’s Christmas anthology. Sasha is a former erotic dancer trying to leave that lifestyle behind. He meets a man he never thought was gay until they shared one brief magical second.

Any straight man would shove Sasha away and back out to the street. To his surprise, David kissed back fiercely. Refusing to let his solicitor get the upper hand, Sasha smoothed his palm over David’s crotch.

A gasp escaped his lips as his palm hit David’s hardened erection. He reeled back and stared at his blushing host.

“I got to go.”

I loved the journey Sasha took in this story. Another one of those characters that sticks with me. Here’s the blurb:

When an old lover shows up out of the blue and gives him a way off the streets, Sasha thinks he’s back on track. It’s not until he finds out his friend only wants him as a prize to pimp out to the highest bidder that Sasha realizes his past could haunt him forever. To break free of what he once was, Sasha has to learn how to trust someone he’s only known through the local soup kitchen. It won’t be an easy round when his savior David shows him there’s more to love than handcuffs and leather.

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