Six Sentence Sunday: Triggers

I’m a strong believer in making some young adult more gritty and less bubble gum high school when the target audience is 16-21 years old. Adversity, or our ability to handle it, is what makes us stronger. I wrote, or started this piece, over twenty years ago. Back then there wouldn’t be any type of market to send it to. Now? Absolutely.

Triggers is an emotionally charged story about a teenaged boy named Adrian trying to live through his mother’s addiction to heroin and her controlling boyfriend. Adrian, however, is no saint either. He lies, cheats, and steals his way through life. It’s what he’s been taught and what he knows.

In this scene, Adrian has just been released from a juvenile detention center. His mother, in her own way, introduces him to the new ‘male role model’ in his life.

[Adrian’s] mother stood in the kitchen doorway giving him the doe-eyed gaze she always did at the official met and greet juncture. She wanted him to play along, to let her control him through someone else.

He wasn’t buying it again.

“You were in juvie for a reason.” Bill didn’t sit, and he crossed his arms. An intimidation stance most of Sharon’s boyfriends employed.

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