Six Sentence Sunday: Talbot’s Ploy

Today I bring you a tidbit from Talbot’s Ploy. It’s release date of July 31st is but mere days away. This story blossomed into something I never imagined it would be. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t try to compact the story for an anthology. The whole passion of the storyline, IMO, would have been lost.

I found creating Talbot a wonderful experience and I’ll have more tales of him in the future. Please enjoy this small sampling.

Pain flared in [Talbot’s] chest. Life in the vast open wilderness had given him a chance to clear his head and realize what he wanted. His dream, however, was far out of his reach. “Sometimes the things we covet the most are out of our reach and we drown because of it.”

[Delphine’s] palm cupped his cheek. “I am sorry, my friend.”

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