Six Sentence Sunday: The Heat of His Kiss

I’m back again to share another snippet from my latest release The Heat of His Kiss. I loved writing the tug and pull between Eros and Mandy. She wants to give in but their past just keeps getting in the way.

She hated and lusted over how he made her feel. Her fingers tensed, and she begged them to push away Eros’ probing digits but as he slid down to her moistening slit, a sigh of contentment escaped her lips.

“Let me give you what you desire, Meldacaniel.” The length of his manhood rubbed her bare cheeks, the lacy red thong panties she wore no protection against his assault.

Her mouth worked, eager to give him permission to slam the length of his shaft deep within her core. Out of the haze of the devilish things he tormented her with, she remembered his betrayal.

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