Six Sentence Sunday: The Romance Novel Book Club

My fried brain almost forgot to pull something together for SSS. I thought I’d pull something up I’ve been working on for some time. I’m a slow turtle when it comes to making longer length stories as I don’t want to miss any details. The Romance Novel Book Club, standing at around 34k and not complete, was an idea I came up with after reading too many cliche romance novels. Same plot, different locations. So what if two best friends decided to form a club to read these books while they pursued the right guy to rock their world? What if one of them has gone through so many men in her life that she’s thinking not one good choice is left for her?

I wrote it in first person with a good dose of humor. In this snippet, Patricia has a little car trouble and is on her way back to the restuarant, now closed, to see if she can use the phone.

As I started down the sidewalk, the sky decided to compliment my day by bringing down a deluge of water to soak me to the core. In my infinite ‘wisdom’, I had left the apartment not only without checking the weather, or grabbing an umbrella, but with a white cotton top and no coat. By the time I reached the restaurant, my lacey pink pushup bra said ‘Hello, world. Look at these hooters. WOO!’. I knocked on the door and pressed my enormous orbs into the pane of glass. Yes, gentlemen. These could all be yours for the price of a ride home.

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this one, this six being a perfect example of your gift for humor. I really do wish you’d finish this wonderful chick-lit (at least from what I’ve read so far) novel!! This is what first hooked me as a fan of yours. **cracks whip**

  2. I think after I finish The Salvation of the Brotherhood, I’m going to wrap this one up next. The trick is finding a market. Evernight’s still going to be first on my list.

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