Six Sentence Sunday: Fate’s Path

Welcome to another SSS snippet. Today I bring you something very old from my collection of unfinished manuscripts. This is a fantasy piece based on my own world of Arakani. With Fath’s Path I intended to write about about two characters eventually meeting. It became epic in size and very unwieldy. An endeavor no upstart writer should ever try. I did send it to a publisher and get a nice form rejection, though. I plan on turning the heat on this and have a trilogy semi-mapped out. Well, as mapped out as a pantser like me would. Enjoy!

“Come to finish the job, have we?” [Sebolt] bore all his weight down on her, pinching her body between his thighs. He leaned in then, planted a firm kiss on her lips and she struggled to break free, her eyes going wide. Slowly her body became docile and she released the dagger, returning his affection. 

He rose up, smiling down at her.“I’ve missed you, my song bird.”

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