Six Sentence Sunday: Sauvageot’s Seduction

Welcome to another SSS snippet. Today I bring something from one of my WiPs listed at the bottom of my blog. Sauvageot’s Seduction is a prequel for Talbot’s Ploy. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just flowed out. In any account, it’s on the backburner until I finish a few things that have a deadline–both real and imaginated. I plan on finishing this one after my other two projects are complete. Enjoy!

Talbot’s blood surged. His trousers tightened as Tyeis closed the distance. Frozen and unsure, Talbot groaned when Tyeis pressed his lips on his. The cool taste of the creek permeated the forbidden violation but Talbot craved to suckle further on Tyeis’s mouth. His tongue pushed through the chaste barrier between them and Tyeis responded with fervor. Talbot, drunk with need, caressed Tyeis’s back cursing the wet fabric that impeded him from touching skin.

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