It’s All About The Money

Finished watching the video setup? Good. Let’s get to meat.

I’ve seen some upstart never-been-published authors out there wanting to write for money…. watch the video again while I laugh my sizeable ass off.

If you’re getting into the business for the money, please put away your document files and walk away from the screen, please. The fact is, people like Amanda Hocking aren’t a dime a dozen. They’re more like a needle in the haystack. Now repeat after me:

I am not going to get rich writing no matter how many 99¢ novels I upload through Amazon’s Create-a-Space or Smashwords.

This isn’t a game where you start sewing up $100 dollar shirts to parade around in. We’ve got enough wannabe ‘writers’ churning out unedited drivel to last until the polar ice caps melt and finally, FINALLY end this madness. If you’re not committed to take the time to allow your manuscript the full attention it needs and worrying about pleasing the reader over your wallet, why are you in the business of writing?

Learn the value of editors. The editors I have catch those little mistakes I make that would make me cringe once I packed my work away and read it later. Granted, I’ve had places that I’ve submitted to that don’t have any back and forth editing. you have to make sure that your manuscript is error-free for them. Of course it’s a good idea to put your best foot forward when submitting anyway.

Do yourself a favor and love what you do. Because it’s not about the money. It’s about giving the masses a good book to curl up on the couch to read. That should be your goal.


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