Pimp My Book: The Vampire’s Bride by Isabella Olivia Ellis

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Today, we have Isabella Olivia Ellis. Their newest release, The Vampire’s Bride, came out in April 25, 2012 ans is an ARe Best seller. They’ve come here to give you a little insight on the novel. Enjoy!

Evernight Publishing’s Isabella Olivia Ellis

featuring The Vampire’s Bride

Imagine that from birth you have a duty to fulfill, but you aren’t sure if you even want the task. That’s Lady Caroline Haley’s quandary in The Vampire’s Bride. As a girl born from nobility in 1761, she is destined to stand for the Choosing, which places her as the fated bride to the title vampire. With a childhood sweetheart, foreboding dreams, and wicked adversaries, Caroline discovers not only who she is supposed to be, but the woman she can be.

BLURB: The Vampire’s Bride, takes place in the fictional country of Scollfyld during the 18th century. A decades old prophecy deems that the countries of Scollfyld and Bernehart will be united by the marriage of the Crown Prince Sloane Vaughan (of the royal vampire family of Bernehart) and the Chosen. The Chosen is a virginal girl of noble blood from Scollfyld who was born in the year 1761. The Prophecy states that the Chosen will stand by the Prince as he unites countries and leads an empire, but stipulates that if the marriage does not happen, then the rival vampire clan of the Scarclyfs will reign. Lady Caroline Haley is selected as the Chosen, but she struggles with this. Will she accept Sloane as her husband? And will she be strong enough to withstand the danger that being the Chosen puts her in?

EXCERPT: “Caroline expected the Oracle to step back, as she had with the other two girls, and move on to some new trial. But the woman didn’t move or speak for a solid minute. Then her wrinkled face moved into a toothless smile, and she stepped out from in front of Caroline. The reaction from the crowd was immediate. A slim, redheaded woman in the front fainted dead away and everyone was too busy staring at Caroline to move to help her. Caroline found Luke in the crowd and their eyes met briefly before he sadly cast his gaze to the ground. This was the unofficial end to whatever relationship they had.

With terror in her heart, Caroline turned frantically to Eleanor and Elizabeth and pleaded, “What is wrong? Tell me, please!”

Elizabeth couldn’t speak, and merely shook her head, not taking her eyes off of Caroline’s forehead.

Eleanor’s beautiful violet eyes were wide with both wonder and concern. She raised one hand to the bodice of her dress, and said quietly, “You have the mark. You’re Chosen. It’s you.”

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