Sunday Fun Art #1 (The Sunshine Award)

So, maybe this is cheating. So maybe I’ll give you a nice round of raspberries if you waggle a finger at me. I was nominated by Shout With Emaginette.

I’m going to let you into my other passion. Art. Like my writing, I can’t do this full time. Love to but it doesn’t pay the bills. What it does do is afford me to plurge of video games and other toys. So let me show you some of the things I’ve made recently for cash mony, homey.

If you click on the About Me and go to My Artwork, you’ll be brought to my Deviant Art page. I have a lot of more, but not all, of the things I’ve created over the years bother digitally and hand drawn or painted.

Nasty NatalieInstead of a Six Sentence Sunday snippet, I’m going to highlight some of my artwork instead. Meet Nasty Natalie, a beer my brother-in-law brews. As some of you might recall, I designed the logo for his basement brewing called Paradign Brewing. He then asked me to design two logos for the beers he was showcasing at a contest. One of his brews, Jalapeno Melon Amber, got an award. I’ll show case that beauty next week.

Like every piece of artwork I do, this one has tons of layers. From the outline to the individual colors, it’s all on its own so that if something doesn’t mesh, I hide the layer. I don’t delete them just in case. The water down below is symbolic in two ways: my brother-in-law is an Aquarius and Nasty Natalie has a temper when she drinks so those are the raging waters. I also used the color pink instead of purple because it’s my niece’s favorite. The lace in the corset was drawn by hand. No pattern used.






Here is the original one I had compiled:

However, though I wanted the blue hair to symbolize the ‘frostiness’ of Nasty Natalie, my sister wanted her blonde to represent her daughter. The beer is named after my niece, you see. However, her name is not Natalie. They also wanted a body. Second time was a charm!

My logos were a hit at the beer festival. That put a smile to my face.

The thing I like about digital is changing the artwork is a lot easier and there are a lot of cheating methods a program will do for you and save time. Still, I miss oil painting and hope to one day clean up my craft room to paint again.


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