Six Sentence Sunday: The Heat of His Kiss

The Heat of His Kiss is the last NaNo 2011 project I’ve been holding onto, waiting for that perfect place to send it. Okay, not really. I was waiting for Evernight to have something that it would fit into. They decided to come out with a new line called ‘Romance on the Go’. Great concept. Small stories for that quick read. I sent this little gem to them for consideration. It’s the story of Mandy, a minor character in my m/m Dream Weaver and her quest to find her mate. Of course, Eros has other plans.

No matter how hard she tried, the man would forever haunt her days.

Curling up on the couch, Mandy stilled when she realized how long the full moon would last.Her desire would increase tenfold and if Eros tempted her, would she be able to resist? She squeezed her eyes shut to ward off the temptation of imagining his masculine form towering over her. She’d allowed Eros to use her as a play thing willingly in their fae realm but here, she needed something more.

She needed her mate to reveal himself.

*UPDATE* Evernight has offered me a contract for this little gem.

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