Six Sentence Sunday: The Forest Maiden

Welcome to another SSS snippet. Today I bring something from one of my WiPs listed at the bottom of my blog. In this scene, Eirlys again shows her biting tongue after overhearing the man her father betrothed her to call her a very unlady-like word. Never cross a woman with a fiery spirit and a will of her own.

“I dare say, Lord Vas, that your skills as a huntsman are severely lacking. Is this why your younger brother, not yet of age, was taken in your stead for the order of the Okhotnik?”

“Eirlys.” Again her father’s tone demanded she stop but she wanted to end the charade.

“If one cannot manage a simple hunt with a sword, I cannot even imagine how that could put a common whore in their place.”

“That is enough, young lady.”

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  1. Why did I not know you were working on a new NFT? I only recall seeing you mention Talbot’s Ploy. Well, I love a fiery maiden with an axe to grind. THat comes across loud and clear in your six. Love all your project tickers in your widget too!

    • Hah! I’ve been working on this one since November’s NaNo. I’ve got to buck down and finish one thing at a time instead of willy nilly nature way.

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