Six Sentence Sunday: The Beauty Within

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of Mother’s Day, my six sentence snippet will be from The Beauty Within, one of my mom’s favorite stories I’ve written.

In this scene, Adele comes to release a lot about how her life has turned out.

[Adele and Jareth’s] bodies shimmered as the bark absorbed their essence and whisked them back to the lower levels. The uneasy tremors of gliding through the sap disappeared as she became one with the tree. The life pulse of Mother Oak beat within her, and for the first time on her life, Adele understood the majesty of her world.

Without the sprites guarding and pretecting great Mother Oak, the community of pixies would not have a viable place to live. It struck her hard. How wrong she’d been to dismiss their worth.

Available in the SpellBound Hearts Anthology from Still Moments Publishing. Also available for purchase at Amazon.


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