Six Sentence Sunday: The Heat of His Kiss (WT)

Not long after I wrote Dream Weaver, I had the thought of branching off and telling Mandy’s side of the story. I’ve always loved mythology in any form, and I made the background for both Justin and Mandy in the Greek mythos. Love gone awry, so to speak, and only their true soul mates could break the curse on them.

Mandy, however, has had a mate all along but she denied her feelings because of who he is–Eros. Here’s my SSS excerpt from my completed, but not sent out, piece.

Only the hardback [book] stood between their bodies touching.

“I always enjoyed your fiery temperament, Meldacaniel.” [Eros’] finger traced along her jaw.

“Don’t call me that.” Heat rose in [Mandy’s] cheeks as her fairy name tumbled from his lips. No matter how much anger she held for him, hearing her namesake in his deep baritone voice sent shivers up her spine.


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