Piracy & The Illegal Download Gang

No, it’s not the title of my latest steamy story or even a urban tale of computer geeks having a hay day bringing down a corporate bad guy ALA Hackers. Awful movie, BTW, but it has a guilty pleasure vibe to it.

What I’m referring to is the suckwads who think nothing of taking copyrighted material and uploading it for the rest of their diseased vermin to feast on. Literally dozens of these sites pop up on the web with no end in site. As a writer, struggling to make enough money to treat myself to some ice cream (last year I made a whopping $7.50 in writing), I become deeply agitated at these nameless, faceless twats. Ragardless if I’m in this for the money (stupid) or not, the fact remains I created a product for people to BUY, not run away with in the dead of night.

I’ve seen some of these troglodytes wailing and gnashing a little when their torrents are shut down because of a FMCA dagger stabbed to the space where their heart should lie.


Here’s a thought–don’t steal. Would you like me to come to your house and take something just because I don’t feel like paying for it?

Yes, that’s a real Tweet conversation. The fact is, chasing down these criminals is exhausting work. Most times, a publisher doesn’t help out because, well, the author owns the copyright. We feel beaten down and somedays, just don’t want to even do an internet search to find these inbreed fucks. Still, I do it. Why? Because it works. I want to make life difficult for these thieves. Just as it takes time to report and get them knocked down, it takes time for them to set back up. I’ll be there with my virtual gun to blast them back to square one again along with a line of authors behind me.

The best thing you can do to combat pirate sites is to be proactive over reactive. Don’t go screaming half-nekkid through the neighborhood screaming “They be stealing all our bases!” when you find one of these sites. Report them, let them know it’s your stuff, and let any other author that you see and can contact (a lot of authors are on Twitter/FB/have their own website/etc) and let them know about the pirating jackholes.

Now, for those who say these spank monkeys wouldn’t buy my book or the other books in the first place I say this:


Does that mean I should just give it for free? In a sense, I do give a little bit for free on this blog. It’s called a teaser, the equivalent of a tasting at the grocery store to try a product first before buying.

Ah, there’s that word again…buying.

I’m not charging what I feel is an astronomical price, or rather, what my publisher charges. Go to your local bookstore and look at the cover price on most books. You’ll be hard pressed to find one under $7.99 brand new.

So, we writers band together to fight the good fight and get these places shut down. First by asking politely directly to the site or, when communications are ignored or it’s that time of the month, we report the intellectual theft to the FBI.

That’s right, folks. It’s a crime.

Need to look up their IP Address? Use this handy-dandy tool.

I actually didn’t agree with the whole SOPA/PIPA bill and was glad it got shut down. A lot of what was on it was already covered in the copyright/intellectual property laws. While I don’t expect sites to be responsible for what their users are posting, blatant forums that clearly state it’s for the uploading/downloading of eBooks with a thread for people ask for copyrighted material is, in my opinion, lawful knowledge of the illegal act. Those IP owners do bear the brunt of responsibility.

I’ve also come across sites that are a ‘service’ to find the downloads. No, I’m not listing them. I’m not going to help out the little pocket-groping fucknuggets. What I find ‘hilarious’ about these sites is their stance of ‘oh it’s not hosted by us, you have to research where it came from to have it removed’. Yeah, not buying the blank stare, guys. You’re contributing to the problem and need to be introduced to Bubba, the loveable prison cell inmate that thinks you have a purty mouth.

Piracy, by definition, is ‘the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea’. It has taken newer definitions over the years because technology has warped it into something else. I don’t think a reasoning on why people do steal other people’s property will ever meet in the middle with a definitive answer. All I do know is the more it happens, the more extreme measures are going to be made and the more liberties we enjoy will strip away.

Perhaps a little extreme, perhaps not. Napster no longer exists in its original form because they were offering something free they had no right to. Another giant in the pirating world-Megaupload-also got a richly deserved cornholing. So, eventually, all the authors and other struggling artists out there will get their due. Until then, I will continue to give those bottom-feeding rock scum the chance to takedown what they’ve stolen while still reporting them. Afterall, I’m not the only one they’re stealing from.

I’m also going to make those career politicians work to create something–anything– to stop this from happening without making a bill that paints a broadstroke. Hell, I think a good way to combat copyright-stealing twats is to give a little bit of deal making to coders and whatnot to hunt down and give these pirates a taste of their own medicine. Kind of like, oh I don’t know, what privateers were?

Until then, pick your battles and if you are registered to vote, make your reps in Washington work for you. Stay informed of your rights as an author or artist. Unless we band together for a common cause, the degenerates taking away our lunch money won’t get the cock punch they so richly deserve.

Go to this link to contact your local State Rep in Washington and voice your displeasure–respectfully. Don’t make yourself sound as low IQ as the ones filching your stuff.


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  1. Well said. What floors me is going on these pirate sites to send a complaint and seeing people/readers that have commented on my timeline giving the ‘like’ button to the pirate site! Whaaa? You supposedly support me and my writing (so you say) yet you are trolling pirate sites and ‘liking’ their illegal content and no doubt downloading it. Jaysus, the hypocricy makes me gag.

  2. Wow. I see you have strong feelings on the subject. It hit movies, and music too. When anything goes viral people go crazy, and most still buy. People will only steal it if they love it. I know that doesn’t make it better, but it is what it is.

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