Six Sentence Sunday: Chained to the Sands

I have another name for this piece–Slave of the Sands. I’m still leaning toward the title of the blog post though. This is my erotic romance gladiator piece. Corina has been a slave most of her life. It’s not until a man cast into chains and thrust upon her to teach him the language of the land does she feel the twinge of homesickness and, more importantly, a longing denied to her–love.

In this six sentence tidbit, we see Areus’ side of things. Yes, the same character from Death Comes. This is his first time meeting Corina.

Areus forgot the guards and turned to the source of the voice. Beyond the other set of bars, a woman stood with a cloak covering most of her body. As she removed the hood, he caught a glimpse of the gossamer cloth revealing everything of her shapely form right down to the auburn curls of her sex.

Her blue eyes confirmed his suspicion. She belonged to his people and the collar around her neck marked her a slave. Why, he wondered, was her hair the color of the midnight sky?


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    • You give me pause with that. I tend to over think a few things and the more I think about it, the characters are more under the yoke of the sands than they are tied to them. Slaves does work better. 🙂

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