New Release: Spellbound Hearts

Olivia Deveraux

The Beauty Within

It’s finally arrived! The release of The Beauty Within, my little fantasy piece about not looking on the outside to judge someone and another NaNo 2011 success, I must say. Quite honestly, I never expected to be as far as I am right now. Nonetheless, I’m liking it!

Still Moments Publishing

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They emerged at the bottom of the tree and Adele’s skin glowed for a brief moment. The sap slid off her body and was absorbed back into its master.

She gasped. “I did it.”

Jareth chuckled. “See? I told you it would come.”

Her cheeks flushed as Jareth took her hand and led her to the river’s edge. She stopped and jerked him back.

“Not so close! The fish will eat us!” She widened her eyes when a koi came to the surface. Its orange and creamy-white scales sparkled in the moonlight shiningkimming along the water .

“Eat us? No, they’re our friends. Watch.” He knelt down at the edge of the bank and extended his hand over the water. The fish bobbed to the surface. Jareth smoothed a hand over the head of the koi before feeding it a seed from a nearby stalk. “We let the pixies think the fish have razor-sharp teeth, so they believe sending us here is punishment. But it’s the most beautiful place in Mother Oak’s realm.”

“I thought you were mad for being down here.”

Jareth shrugged and tossed another seed to the fish. “I had an important task issued from the Council of Eight. I was on my way to delivering a package when I collided with a pixie. She banished me.”

Adele stiffened, remembering her incident with a fae during the Lor. Hot tears fell from her eyes and she scrubbed them away with her palms. An ache grew in her chest like no other.

“I like the lower tier and all its beauty, but what I was doing up there… I’ll never get that back. According to our Old One’s vision, I was to find my mate in the upper levels.” Jareth sighed. “Now I’ve lost her.”

“Oh.” Adele shrank back. Jareth was here because of her. She would find another mate, but for a sprites, they only had one chance. Jareth’s had been taken away because of her selfish actions.

“I’m so sorry, Jareth.” She turned and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her chest heaved and she crumbled to the ground, sobbing. All her beauty in the mirror meant little when she was nothing but a horrible, ugly pixie to the core. She curled up into a ball and cried herself to sleep amongst the tall fescue and a million points of light above.


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