Six Sentence Sunday: The Beauty Within

Time for Olivia’s work to get a spotlight for a change. Today’s six sentence sample is from The Beauty Within, her short story in Still Moments Publishing’s Spellbound Hearts Anthology. Another NaNo success, re-reading this story makes me a proud mommy. It’s a story of seeing what a person is inside instead of judging by someone’s outer appearance. In the end, love always finds a way.

Without regard for anyone else, they kissed, deeply and passionately. The space between them shimmered in one final blessing from Mother Oak. Adele opened her eyes and gazed at a transformed Jareth. Wings stretched behind him, fluttering and showering a rainbow of dust into the air. His skin brightened to pure alabaster and his hair curled into long, auburn locks, but his eyes were still the warm, rich brown that drew her in. She giggled.

Available for purchase from Still Moments Publishing.


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