I don’t know what happened other than it’s happened to me before. Ideas start pouring out of me at an astounding rate. My mini notebook fills up and I’m stoked. Then I try to find time to put those pen strokes to good use and my muse, my care-free gent that soothes my worries vanishes. He disappears in the middle of the night as the fingers poise over the keyboard.

Cheeky bastard.

I’m stuck and I see no end in sight. Perhaps it’s stress, perhaps it’s because I just want a break. I’m really not sure. One thing I do know is when building a brand, you’ve got to keep offering something new. The question is how often should you push new product out there? Not every writer has the ability to sit at home and go at it as their ‘job’. In today’s world, some of us have that forty hour job that drains our strength and resolve. All we want to do when we get home is prop our feet up to relax. Let’s not even go on the realm of common household chores that need to be done.

I haven’t thrown in the towel by any means. I think it’s a matter of shifting to mundane tasks for a while and not worrying about it.

That’s right. None of that nonsense that I have to sit in front of the keyboard and force words out. Insane drivel that means nothing but hitting the delete button when I finally look at the toilet paper I’ve manufactured. I can’t stand when it’s thrust on me that a writer MUST write daily or they’ll lose their edge. I call utter bullshit on that. Sure it’s good to write something. In fact, I’m doing this blog post so in a sense my brain is still functioning in some capacity. Just not in that fantastic world of fiction.

I suppose I’ve just decided that a little artwork needed to get out of my system. Maybe I just need to find my focus and pick one, and only one, thing to write. Either way, I’m going to ride it out and not worry about it. Fretting about my muse whoring himself elsewhere won’t bring him back to my loving arms. He’ll come around again and when he does, my fingers will be cramped for another reason.

Until then, read on and live your life.