Six Sentence Sunday: Sweet Danielle

Back in September of 2011, I sent Pill Hill Press Sweet Danielle for consideration in their Roboterotica anthology. The concept of it a little preverse but I had an idea and went for it. The piece got accepted and since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for its release. Submissions were closed in early February of 2012 so it’s just a waiting game from here on out.

Sweet Danielle involves a scientist who is building the perfect female robot for use in sperm banks to make the collection of semen more enjoyable. In the furturist sense, the world population is dwindling and every meaasure is being taken to ensure the survival of the human race. Except the scientist falls for his creation.

In this scene, Tim (the scientist) is doing research on why men need the female touch. He’s a virgin, by the way. 😉

A groan escaped my lips as she drew up and drove my cock into her awaiting wetness. My hands latched onto her bouncing breasts. Her fingers laced in mine to increase the hold. My back arched up to met her downward thrust and I wanted more.

I rammed my cock further into her wet pussy, her nipples twisting easy between my fingers. Her moans meant nothing to me, only the ecstasy jerk of my member as I came.

I had fun writing this piece. I researched a lot for a 3100 words count story. I wanted to bring out the brainiac nature of the MC until he, too, falls for his most primal instincts.


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