Six Sentence Sunday: The Hunted Maiden (WT)

In the sheer joy I had in writing The Wolves of Argonne, a lot of other naughty fairytales came popping in my head. They, however, didn’t seem to reach the heat level I achieved with Wolves. Nonetheless, I do have potential homes for them should Evernight find the heat level lacking.

Today I give you a six sentence diddy of my story based on Snow White. I’ve gone the kick-ass chick route with this one. 🙂

What would her potential suitor think if she informed the gent of her missing virginity? While she had never been intimate with man other than stolen kisses and exploring caresses, the one part marked a woman a virgin she had lost on the back of a horse. Hard riding in the forest and the pounding in the saddle had cracked the barrier between her innocence and marketability to the men in the realm. Her father had been distraught over the news from the midwife. Eirlys, on the other hand, could have cared less. If her prize only existed between her legs, she had no use for a man in her life.

This is a work I hope to finish this year.


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  1. Thank you, everyone. I actually started pen and papering some of this while I’m out and about without my 2-ton laptop. I really want to finish it by the summer.

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