Pimp My Book: A Facebook Affair by Tara Chevrestt

Since authors helping authors get the word out on the printed word is a great form of kinship among key pounders, I’ve created PIMP MY BOOK. This series will bring various authors of every kind to guest blog.

Welcome to week two! Showcased is Tara Chevrestt and her latest release from Breathless Press: A Facebook Affair. Enjoy!

Breathless Press’ Tara Chevrestt

featuring A Facebook Affair


I’m here to talk about my contemporary romance, A Facebook Affair. And what I want to talk about is going to surprise you. You’re going to say, “What does that have to do with a romance novel?”

School Bullying.

How many of you have gone through it? Been laughed at, called names, ridiculed just because you are different? Maybe you wear glasses, are a bit overweight (which is not hard to be by today’s Hollywood standards!), or maybe you are just shy…?

In A Facebook Affair, Kelly is hearing impaired and when she has a chance at love with a boy she knew long ago, she’s got to get over the fact that his twin sister was one of the girls that tortured her in school…and I’m sure you all remember the type. They thought they were perfect, wouldn’t play with you, maybe shoved you around. So how did you deal with it? And better yet, as an adult, have you talked to YOUR kids about it?

My intention with A Facebook Affair is to not only educate the world about what it’s like to be hearing impaired, but to also bring that question up in all of your minds.

When Kelly and Brandon rediscover each other on Facebook after twenty years apart, it sparks an attraction that even distance can’t extinguish. Do they truly have a future, or is this just a Facebook affair?

Kelly Littleton takes the plunge and finally joins Facebook to socialize without the limits that her hearing impairment gives her. On a whim, she looks up a childhood friend. In sending him that first message, she ignites the memories of a crush from twenty years ago. But will they turn into the flames of romance, or end up the ashes of a Facebook affair?

Brandon Hopkins has a lot on his plate. A recent divorce, a pregnant sister, and now, he realizes he’s in love with a woman who lives states away. Can he overcome the boundaries of internet romance to make this desire turn into something real, or will adversity and distance be their undoing?

Brandon cleared his throat. “How about a stroll?” His free hand caressed her bare shoulder, causing her to shiver from the resulting tingles. If he noticed, he said nothing. Instead, he appeared concerned, “If you aren’t likely to get chilly out there, that is.”

Fat chance of that. Kelly struggled not to laugh. This man had her so overheated she expected to break into a sweat at any moment. Instead, she agreed that a stroll sounded like a great idea, and when he offered her his suit jacket, she accepted. They walked outside and, hand in hand, passed by other pedestrians on the city sidewalk. It was dark, but the neon lights around them advertising different bars and dance clubs provided enough light for them to talk as people of all ages and sexes rushed to and fro around them.

“I’d like to come visit again.” Brandon squeezed her hand. “After my niece is born, that is.”

They had managed to avoid talking about Lindsey, but Kelly decided to get things out in the open. “Your sister,” she hesitated, “didn’t and still doesn’t like me very much.” Upon uttering these words, Kelly felt her breath catch.

Brandon’s jaw clenched. “I am sorry,” he stopped and turned her to face him, “she was not a nice kid. I know that,” he admitted. “But what do you mean by ‘still doesn’t’?”

“Oops,” Kelly bit her lip. She hadn’t meant to reveal that last bit. She had become so relaxed with him this evening, however. She struggled to find the words to explain her gaff and then decided to simply be truthful. If anything was to come of this, she didn’t want it started with lies. “She emailed me through Facebook,” she relented, eyes downcast.

Brandon gently raised her face back up to meet his gaze, his tone was hard and his eyes steely. “What did she say?” He appeared stern.

Kelly was unsure what to say. She had not yet seen this angry, hard side of Brandon. She gulped before confessing, “That I’m not good enough for you.” Her voice was a mere whisper as she repeated the horrid words.

Part of Kelly worried that Brandon would get mad and curse his sister or even worse, agree with his sister’s philosophy and head back to Oklahoma that very night, but Brandon did neither. Instead, much to her shock, he grasped her roughly by her forearms and leaned his head down toward hers.

Kelly was not put off by the surprising aggression in his kiss. Instead, she was drawn to it. She lost all sensible thought when his warm mouth crushed hers under the city’s neon lights. As his tongue probed past her lips and the inches between their bodies disappeared, she felt not only desired, but definitely good enough for this amazing man.

She was grateful she had used an after dinner mint as she kissed him back, reaching her tongue out to meet his own, feeling it dance around his. With a shudder of pleasure, she welcomed the feeling of his growing hardness against her belly. A rush of elation coursed through her veins. This man wanted her. This gorgeous man desired her. He was aroused for want of her. And she wanted him back. Kelly could not deny the growing dampness between her legs as their kiss deepened, as he crushed her in his embrace. She moaned and grasped his shirt lapels, trying to pull him closer to her, trying to engulf him entirely with her mouth. His hands grabbed her buttocks and clasped her lower body to his own.

Suddenly, Brandon’s lips left hers with a groan, leaving her gasping in surprise and disappointment. As she caught her breath, she peered up at him with a hidden question in her eyes, all too aware of the inches now between their bodies. She felt the chill of the air penetrate her dress where just seconds before, his body had warmed her. Did he not like kissing her?

“What’s wrong?” She tried to keep a quaver out of her voice, tried not to appear rattled when all she wanted was his lips on her again and his body pressed against her.

Brandon took a deep breath and placed his forehead against hers. “I just remembered that we are on a busy street in full view of everybody, acting like horny teenagers.” He laughed and looked into her eyes as he clutched both of her hands. “I think we need to go somewhere more private. Though I don’t have any clients here, you may not want your reputation sullied and well, I may be sullying it if we stand out here much longer.”

Oh. My. God. Kelly felt as though her legs would give out from under her. She attempted to find her voice again, closing her eyes to reorient herself. Was she ready for this? Was it too soon? She stared at his lips, licked her own, thought of the wetness between her legs. The desire built up inside her like no other she had felt before. She thought of him moving a candle underneath his lips, of their chats. She quickly came to a conclusion and mutely nodded her head, a smile at the corners of her lips as she peered up at him seductively. “Let’s do it.”

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  1. Great excerpt, Tara! I hate bullying in all forms. No one has the right to say we aren’t good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough. I could go on, but you get the gist of it. To survive and thrive with a disaility deserves praise, not jealous condemnation.

    Ok, I’m off my soapbox now. Got to read this book! Best of luck!

  2. I loved Facebook Affair from page 1 to the end. There is so much bullying and as a mother I do talk to my boys about it. How to handle it as well as how to avoid being one. And why. I firmly believe that what goes around comes around and have seen those “better than the rest” people get hit by karma.

    That has to be my favorite excerpt. ♥

  3. Hi Tara.

    Lorraine sent me over here so that I could experience a bit of your book. Good job! I wish you the best of all success! Come join us at the masterkoda group on FB. I can see you would be a great addition to our growing family of word lovers.

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