Six Sentence Sunday: Journey of the Damned (WT)

Journey of the Damned was originally an entry for an anthology that dealt with stories involving oceans. When the company who had the calls for submission took forever not only to read through the submissions but also have timely updates on the progress, I pulled the piece. I kept looking at the story and seeing what it could become with more word count. Dark and a bit twisted, my successes in the publishing world dictated I make this piece a lot bigger with more grit and naughty. The title also needs to change as it doesn’t fit the newer style.

I’m in that process now. Until then, here’s a little six sentence tidbit.

[Isolde] ripped open [Kessel’s] shirt with one hand. He slammed against the ground, her eyes suggesting he submit to her whims. Pain constricted his lungs like nothing he’d experienced under her servitude. Still the soft pink lips called for his own. He held on in desperation, whimpering for her to show him the path between ecstasy and agony.

He craved it all.

Life is a little difficult when a slave is torn between freedom and the intoxicating embrace of his master.


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