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Starting this week, and hopefully every week on Fridays, I’m offering up a new feature: Pimp My Book. The written word gives so much joy to many people and for an author to get the news out on their newest release increases the readers chances of finding another writer. We all have our favorites and diligently await their latest release but why not try something different in the time inbetween? I know I have.

What I love about the authors I have had the pleasure of meeting are most are more than happy to have guest blog spots. Pimp My Book is essentially a guest spot but I wanted to focus on latest book releases or soon to be released pieces. It’s important to get not only interest in the written word but to support other authors.

I have been very fortunate in my budding career as a writer to not only meet others like me but to see the hard work they go through to get just one publication. I love what I do and though it takes a lot of time out of my day, I’m not trading the reward of giving someone a book they enjoy reading.

So, excuse me while I put on my self-inflated ego hat and give you a taste of what I hope to be a reoccurring thing.

Welcome, my friends, to Pimp My Book: The Prequel.

Evernight Publishing’s Kastil Eavenshade

featuring The Wolves of Argonne

Ah naughty fairy tales. Takes the edge off those sugary sweet versions, doesn’t it? I mean, if you really read the original tales they aren’t all happy endings. Some are quite tragic.

What I love the most about fairy tales is there are so many ways to twist them. Just look at the shows Once Upon a Time or Grimm. Even the movies get into the act. So much potential is out there to create something uniquely yours.

That’s what I went for with The Wolves of Argonne. This is my first menage story and I had fun teasing the main character Rosabel. I gave her not only one man that captured her heart but two. Sometimes your match isn’t so black and white. No matter what, you have to follow your heart.

So against every courting ritual she’d been told about, she opened her thighs to his probing. A small gasp escaped her lips as he found her tender spot with ease.

“Careful, my mate. You do not want to draw attention to your state.” He chuckled before suckling at her neck.

Her chest heaved. Her lip between her teeth to stave off the growing moans, she unabashedly ground her hips against his dexterous fingers. Rosabel enticed a growl from his lover’s throat as she rubbed against his hardened shaft. Pain flared in her neck as his teeth scraped along the skin.

She fisted her hand in his hair, her legs barely holding her weight. His digits became more insistent, flicking and probing her sensitive areas. The warm feel of her wetness trailed down her leg, and she nearly collapsed when his finger slid inside her core. His
strong arms held her upright but she could not take the torment of his touch any longer.

“Take me. Please.” She moaned.

“No, not like this. I offer but a taste of what I intend to do to you.” He drove his finger deeper, testing her virginal passage before pulling out.

She swooned in his arms, the pleasure shaking her very soul. Her skirts hung back in place, and she swayed on her feet, her decadent lover steadying her.

“Go back to the party, my sweet.” He peeled away from her.

“But….” She turned to drag him closer, and he’d vanished. Shame should have filled her but only desire for him to do the same thing again boiled inside. Her sex throbbed with need.


At her nana’s calling, she smoothed out her skirts to make sure everything was in place before turning to face her grandmother. “I’m sorry. It’s all so much to take in.”

“It’s time for the courting ceremony to begin.” Nana waved her to follow, and Rosabel complied, glancing back once to see if her mate still lingered. Darkness greeted her.

Taking her basket from Nana, she made her way to the small stage. She lined up with the other girls vying for a suitor and set her basket down in front of her. The men outnumbered the ladies. Still reeling from her encounter, Rosabel barely managed a smile to the approaching brood of males. Each held a square stone marker to state
their choice. Several of the other girls received more than one token while her basket remained empty. The first man she danced with approached, his marker unsteady in his hands. A nervous smile spread on his face, and he extended his token toward her basket. His pallor turned a whiter shade of pale before he moved to the next girl, tossing his token in the basket. With not one suitor, Rosabel’s smile faltered. At the edge of the crowd in the background, she saw her shadow rendezvous. His lips mouthed a message for only her eyes.

You are mine.

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