Six Sentence Sunday: Anubis Arises

Anubus Arises is a novella-sized story revolving around Egyptian and Greek mythology. Two factions, The Children of Anubis and The Sons of Thanatos, have warred for centuries over a relic both believe to be part of their respective god’s treasure trove. It’s a story about sacrifice for god and for love.

In this scene, we see a tender moment unfold between Mika’il and Kalila.

I could only see those beautiful emerald eyes through his tagelmust and a strand of curled hair that had fallen down. Liquid pools I wanted lose myself in forever.

“Then claim your prize, Kalila.”

I walked over to him and reached my hands up to pull down the fabric hiding his face. His gaze pierced me as he did the same to my headdress. With fervor we kissed, locked in each other’s arms.