Six Sentence Sunday: The Pasha’s Prize

The Pasha’s Prize is a project I intended to submit for an anthology. Due to edits and other factors, I never completed it. So I’ve decided to take it to at least novella size. It’s a story of a woman sold into slavery and bought to fatten a Pasha’s harem. The only problem is, someone wins her heart on the journey across the seas. Claiming her might very well end his life.

In this scene, we see the main characters meet for the first time and her fiery spirit gets the best of her.

Her eyes blazed with a defiant stare.

“Hamid.” Anuj gestured with his free hand at his brutish crew member.The cool feel of a dagger slapping against his palm brought a wry smile to his lips. With on quick motion, the sharpened steel tore into the fabric of her cover. She gasped as the barrier of modesty against leering gazes crumpled to the floor.