Worth His Freedom by Adonis Devereux

Fantasy has always had a special place in my heart. Being a D&D geeky girl, when authors create an exotic setting to plunk their characters in I eat it up. It’s a lot of work. From building a city to the landscape to the hierarchy, it has to be mapped out and any gaping plots spackled like no one’s business.

This alone is the reason I decided to give Worth his Freedom my money. I wanted to see what Adonis Devereux came up with. The husband and wife team really know how to click everything into place. So, I’m breaking out a review–something I’ve tapered off lately.

Adonis Devereux weaves a new world without the annoyance of me needing a dictionary at the end of the book to figure out what the terminology means. It's a classic example of showing the reader instead of straight out telling what the meaning of the words are. I grit my teeth when half the book is a volume on the unique words the author masturbated out in their mom’s basement, if you know what I mean. Thank, Adonis, for not doing this!

I like the parallels between Tsalrin and Miria, the connection between them both being slaves. Again, I can't say this enough… very good world building. I think Miria finding the similarities in their lives is what draws her to Tsalrin. Seeing the tender side he still has, once she breaks down his wall of distrust for her race, makes her fall in love with him. What better way to break free of the chains of being a woman in a society where men have the power than to choose your own lover?

The only thing I would have really, REALLY loved to see a few chapters from Tsalrin's PoV. That's just my personal preference because I read a lot of high fantasy where multiple PoVs (not head hopping, mind you) is the norm.

…I wonder if I could get them to do a high fantasy… hmmmm….

While this didn't have the naughty factor my dirty side likes to see, I love how the few scenes stick to the over all feel of the book. Using the word 'phallus' instead of more erotic terms fit. If it would have used more explicit verbage, I think the whole feel of the novel would have been tainted. Again, my opinion on that.

If you love a tale of love against all odds, I highly recommend Worth His Freedom.

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