Six Sentence Sunday: Raven (WT)

This is a WiP I started during NaNo 2011. It’s title, Raven, isn’t final. Raven is a vampire who has been who has been punished but not killed for the murder of his maker. Why you ask? Well that’s the question, isn’t it? I hope to finish this in 2012.

They dumped [Raven] on the floor and he curled into a ball. His skin still sizzled from the silver.


An authoritative voice that he knew well, Aymeri convicted Raven of his sentence. Not content to just yank his canines out and pin him out for the sun to devour his flesh, Aymeri had decided to keep Raven alive at the askance of Laurent.

“Leave me be,” Raven implored, getting an amused chuckle from the elder vampire.


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