Six Sentence Sunday: The Wolves of Argonne

It’s almost time for The Wolves of Argonne to be released so I can’t help but give another six sentence teaser of it again.

In this scene, Rosabel has another confrontation with Conall except is doesn’t quite go so domineering for the werewolf.

“What is your name, my prince’s little plaything?”

“You first.” Her tongue teased her lips again, and she felt his cock jerk against her.

He hissed, his eyes taking the golden tint of his species. Her lips curved into a smile as she ground against his crotch. “After all, you’ve already tasted what I have to offer.”

Stay tuned to my blog and Evernight Publishing for its release!


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  1. Rrrrawr! Oh yes, Rosabel is definitely about to take matters in hand.

    I’m reading Gail Carriger’s Changeless and the love interest in that book is a Scottish werewolf named Conall. I do enjoy reading about sexy werewolves named Conall. Now when’s this naughty fairy tale of yours finally coming out, Kastil????

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