My Writing Isn’t the Gateway to My Secret Fantasies

It’s a strange world out there. I’ve seen a lot of blurred lines in my life and people who have polar opposite opinions on the same thing. A popular phrase in the writing community is “Write what you know”. It bears some merit. Afterall, I shouldn’t be spouting off about the effects of a tsunami unless I’ve done a little research.

Write what you know, to me, doesn’t not equate to “You’ve experienced it yourself”. It means you’ve researched it, talked to experts on it, etc. Experience is nice and all but I’m not hip on going to a fault line and sitting for an earthquake to happen for the ‘experience’. By the way, I have experienced a small earthquake and it was rather odd. I thought a train had gone past on the tracks outside the building I worked in.

Okay, back on track. 😉

If you’ve looked at my publications, I’m all over the place as far as genre. I can’t help it, I love a lot of things and refuse to pigeon hole myself to one of them. I find, however, an increasing amount of perception out there on the genre of erotica.

The amount of accounts I’ve blocked on Twitter because of the pornography they represent sickens me. Hurray for you for having a job that entails getting the old in and out for money. Happy for you and your career because I have nothing against porn. I own some and watch it. Hell, I’ve gotten a lap dance or two at a strip club. However just because I indulge in those activities plus write erotica, it doesn’t mean that my lifestyle is full of multiple bed partners, promiscuous interludes, or a closet full of whips, leather, and lace. Thinking that is a stereotype and quite frankly, it annoys me.

I’m on Twitter for various reasons, really. I’m selling a brand, much like other authors are, and I enjoy supporting other writers.

To be fair, I have also ignored and axed car dealers and other questionable accounts. Twitter is a great tool for promotion yet I find I use it for fun more than anything. I’m a hockey nut, for one, but let’s get back to the topic at hand.

I’m fortunate to be an author with Evernight Publishing. My erotica that I write has a plot, characters that jump off the page, and world you can sink your teeth into. It also has the sensual side and sex. As in, there’s a love connection. Don’t expect the pizza delivery boy, a corny line, and the drop of trou with the cue cheesy 70’s music. Let me make this perfectly clear.

Erotica is not porn. I am not scripting the next Wicked productions or warehouse stint in the XXX world.

You know what else writing erotica doesn’t mean? That I want to try anything I’ve written in my stories. For me, what I dream in my head isn’t some blissful wondering while staring out the classroom window. It’s my creative drive. Saying what I write in erotica is what I secretly desire to do is like saying I want to bury someone alive ALA Mischief & Mayhem: Assassins for Hire or have spirits dwelling within my body like Ghosts in the Mirror.

Yeah, nah.

It does come down to this: I hope you do read my work and find it exciting. Please enjoy it in any capacity you wish. My characters are alive in my head but they don’t rule my world.