Breaking Out The Wacom Tablet

I’ve been knee-deep in edits lately and had no time to even think about any type of artwork. Still, my brother-in-law asked me to create a logo for his homebrewed beer. He had a few ideas (and I’ll have more logos to create) but I decided to go simple the first time around. I went with the hops, coloring it golden even though hops are usually green. Why? He’s a big Redskins fan so I figured their colors would suit them.

The original drawing was black and white. I didn’t want to add any color until I was sure. Changing color in an art program on the computer makes it easy to go this route. So I recolored the stems in one layer and the hops in another. I then took the original black and white hops outline, putting it over the top. The detailed veining B&W of the hops got placed on next and I blurred the erase tool to remove some of the color for more shading.

The next thing I did was the red lettering with a white outline. I dropped a shadow with no blur to further sharpen it.

This is the end product:

Now it’s the waiting game to see if he approves the design. I’m happy I could take the time to belt it out. It’s a good switch from writing before I delve into my edits again.

I use a combination of Adobe Photoshop 7 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. They’re old programs (and I have newer ones) but they’re my favorites to use.