Six Sentence Sunday: Death Comes

Today I offer you a bit from my latest published story, Death Comes. I belong to a writing site called Scribophile and they had a television writing contest. I choose Spartacus: Blood and Sand as my inspiration due to the death of its star Andy Whitfield. RIP, Andy.


Areus awakes with a growl in his throat. The tender spot on his skull thumps to the rhythm of the ceiling in his dank cell. Hot and confining, his fingertips brush the walls of the small space. A roar bursts through his lips and mingles with that of the maddening crowd somewhere beyond the stone encasing him. Heavy chains clank at his feet and the festering smell of his body cannot overpower the need to break free of his prison. The clash of steel on steel, and the screams of a dying man speeds the blood pumping through his veins.

The whole story is available to read on Golden Visions Magazine‘s site.


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  1. Ooo! I like that show, Spartacus: Blood and Sand (and yes, RIP Andy). This six bears the inspiration from the show, but your voice and writing style pulls me into the cell with Areus and the sights, sounds, but mostly the smells you describe make me cheer for Areus to bust outta there. Nice six here πŸ™‚

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