2011: A Year in Review

I’ve had many ups and downs this year. From rejections to finding the time just to write a few words, I’ve had my share of stress-inducing escapades.

I couldn’t tell you how many rejections letters (really emails) I’ve received because honestly, I stopped really counting them. Sure, at the beginning of my journey to become a published author I watched them like a hawk to gauge how much I needed to work on to get my stories out there. The old Stephen King nail on the wall technique. Hell, I wanted to one day wallpaper a room with all the rejections. Of course a shelf with all the publications I got would be the focal point of they wall.

Then the acceptances started trickling in. While Fate Whispers was contracted in October of 2010, it wasn’t published online until April 2011. At was my first sale and the only one I’ve seen any money on thus far. Good money considering the length of the piece but barely enough for an extra value meal of greasy Big Mac goodness. Granted, the income level isn’t because I haven’t had any further publications. It’s just the ones I have that came out this year are paid quarterly–as in, I won’t see anything until the beginning of 2012. My first printed piece Unchained garnered me a copy of the magazine and nothing more. It was for a contest prompt and honestly, the fact that Golden Visions Magazine included it as an honorable mention when they had no category for it makes that copy extra special to me. I plan on sending that one back out because a lot of science fiction places take reprints.

I want to stress that anyone getting into writing for the money is going to be sorely disappointed. Don’t quit your day job.

Then I threw one of my favorite character-driven stories out there to Pulp Empire’s Pirates & Swashbucklers anthology. The Mark of the Brotherhood getting the nod for it pleased me to no end. This was a publishing house where you had to make sure you were neat and tidy to begin with. I sent correction to the mistakes I found to the manuscript. Yes, some places do not do line by line edits and prefer the writer have that done before sending it in. Even the publishing houses that have in house editors expect nothing but the best be sent in. Check your spelling and grammar to the best of your ability. Editors aren’t super human. Thanks again to Kameron M. Franklin for the interviews he did on his website/blog of all the willing authors in this compilation. This anthology is on sale until January 15th at Pulp Empire’s Createspace. Use the code 62QUSQGC to receive 25% off the cover price.

My writing took a different turn in June 2011. While on vacation, a few of my writer friends turned me on to Evernight Publishing. They were doing an anthology centered around Halloween time. I had several incomplete works that I had stopped for one reason or another that I thought could do well with an erotic twist. So I took my favorite half-demon, half-angel Maurizio and turned him into a sexy beast. The love interest I had in the original book morphed into a witch. I figure what better way for a half breed to break free of the underworld’s grasp than through a witch? I got a record-setting 24 hour acceptance on that. Propelled by that, I went off the deep end with a m/m story. That, too, got accepted.

I was high and on a roll. Sure, rejections were still pouring in but I was on cloud nine. My relationship with Evernight was also my first taste at editing. I learned things about MS Word I never knew. They humbled me and made me a better writer. I’m so happy to be one of their authors.

They have rejected my work. I’m not perfect by any means. When I sent the rejected manuscript to Still Moments, they accepted it but with a price. It had to be toned down. I was heart broken. In the end, however, they brought out a side of me I never thought was there. Pure romance. I admit I gag at that books but they serve a purpose. Who doesn’t like to see a couple happy at the end? It does happen in real life sometimes. Why not write it?

I’m looking forward to 2012 with vigor. Writing is something I’ve done for most of my life. It’s bearing fruit now and I have no intention of stopping.

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Happy New Year everyone!

NOTE: the image above is an old one in my collection. It’s hand drawn in one of my sketchbooks and I snapped a picture of it.


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  1. My goals are small this year, as edits are a big chunk of my time right now. I got a few stories to flesh out and want to get some shorts on the market for the hell of it. So I’ll edit the crap out of them too.

    Maybe I’ll do a story a month or something. A novel completion is just always on the plate, of course.

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