Boughs of Holly Teaser

It’s Christmas time so I’m going to feature another tidbit from Olivia’s pool of publications. Boughs of Holly is available at Still Moments Publishing in several ePublishing formats. No matter what you use as your eReader, they have it for you.

While at first I kicked and screamed at the changes needed to be made to this story, when I look back now on where it came from and where it ended up… I like the end result. Sorry ladies who read the original Mistletoe. Sure that one had a higher heat level but this one is much sweeter and perfect for the holidays!


Her excitement reminded him of how he used to be at Christmas. Clutching his knee, she fluttered her eyelashes and clapped her hands. He opened the box and held the bracelet up on one finger. When she grabbed for it, he snatched it back.

“Let me see your wrist.” He grinned when she laid her arm across his leg in anticipation. With a quick clasp, he snapped the bracelet in place. Her eyes opened wide.

“Oh candy canes, it’s beautiful.” She closed her eyes and her body quivered. Blinking, she shot up, dancing from one foot to the other. “Take it off! Take it off!”

“No.” Chris crossed his arms.

“Icicles! You have to. Please.” She dashed to the door, slammed into it, and her bottom hit the floor when she fell. “Oh, sleigh bells.”

He got out of bed and helped her up. “Sorry, my little Christmas tease. You come to me at night and leave me more frustrated than any woman I’ve ever dated. No way am I letting you go, Holly.”