Six Sentence Sunday: Mended Hearts

Mended hearts is another NaNo success. I sold this one to Still Moments Publishing. It’s my first venture into a romantic western. In it, you get the tragedy of losing your first love and learning to start all over again. Here’s a six sentence taste. Enjoy!

Opening the door, Ella almost flew out of her skin at the sight of her guest—in nothing but the outfit God gave him—propped up against the framing to the back rooms. She turned away, embarrassed to be looking at another naked man. Owen had been her first and only lover. She’d never even peeked at another man undressed.

“Mister, ah, it’s best if you go back to bed please.” She gripped her supplies, willing him to shuffle to the back and cover his nakedness.

This will by published under Olivia Devereaux.


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  1. hahaha! “willing him to shuffle to the back and cover his nakedness” This line really made me giggle, because I could totally see her face and feel her uncomfortableness. Descriptive six here. Congrats on finding a home for this story, judging by this sample here, it’ll be a fun read. 🙂

  2. LOL, Aimee. The backstory on this is her husband was just killed…looking at another man is, well, something she’s uncomfortable with doing. She still has the married woman mentality.

  3. Oh poo. Six Sentence Sunday yoinked me off their blog with good reason. Obviously, I don’t count very well. There’s 7 sentences above. Apologies all around!

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