Six Sentence Sunday: Boughs of Holly

Welcome back! Today I’m featuring a tidbit from my latest release, Boughs of Holly.

As [Chris] picked apart the night Josie broke off their relationship, the face of the woman from his dreams tempted his attention.

The wily female looked the same each time; pale, near porcelain skin and glittering emerald eyes. She moved like a belly dancer most times. In other instances, like tonight, she devoured his phallus with every inch of her slick nether regions.

He stuffed the clothes in the washer. In retrospect, at least he got laid in his dreams, unlike real life.

Available for purchase at Still Moments Publishing in the following eFormats:

PDF: Good for any computer format
ePUB: Break out the Nook!
MOBI: It is for Kindle users
LIT: Microsoft’s and theirs only.

And also availablw at Erotic Escapes eBooks.

In celebration of its release, Olivia’s giving away a PDF copy! Just enter below in the comments with your name and email to enter!


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