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Greetings! In the publishing world, sometimes it’s necessary to have many identities. Some might not think so but I’m of the mind that you do. Why? Because a writer has a specific audience. While I, as a reader, have no strong inclination to one genre or another I’d bet that most do. I, as a writer, want my audience to know what they’re getting into.

Thus I formally introduce you to Olivia Devereaux and her debut story Boughs of Holly. Olivia’s still trying to find her niche in romance–that fine line between sweet and tender and way too much. The balance will come because behind Olivia, if I do say so myself, is a damn darn good writer. (Sorry about the edit but Olivia abores harsh language for no good damn darn reason. EDIT: Seriously? Again? Okay, I’ll behave myself).

Despite the curmudgeony nature of her creator, Olivia does have fun with what she writes. The world needs a soft spot and teary-eyed romances that are sigh-worthy and puts a smile on the reader’s heart. Without further ado, I present a teaser for her story. It is available for purchase on Still Moments Publishing’s site in several formats as well as at Erotic Escapes eBooks. For Kindle users, please use the mobi format.


“Here we…” Chris paused, blinking. At the other end of the long oval table sat his elf tormentor in a red cheerleading outfit. “Uh, do you…” He pointed to where she swiveled in the seat.

“Harold couldn’t make the meeting, Chris. I’ll brief him next week.” Freedworth tapped his pen on the cherry wood.

“Okay.” Chris shook his head, yet her lithe form still pivoted in the chair. “Over on this

A bead of sweat formed on his brow when she pressed her fingertips to the table, stood and
wiggled her hips. Wearing high heel boots, she rose up on the table and swung her arms over her
head. Red, white, and green colored pom-poms twinkled into existence in her hands.

“Give me a ‘C.’” She curved her arms into the shape of the letter. “Give me an ‘H.’” The
pom-poms shook as she straightened and flung her arms up in the air. “R, I, S!” With each letter
she gracefully formed the letters with her arms and legs.

Chris’s arms shook as he tried to focus on his presentation, but his beautiful, perky honey
launched into another cheer. She kick-stepped her milky white legs, giving him full view of her
Spanky pants. She winked before cart-wheeling into the splits, shook the pom-poms, and then
blew him a kiss.

She giggled and shimmered out of existence.

Chris fumbled through the rest of his presentation, self conscious over his raging hard-on.
He kept his back to his boss until his throbbing dick calmed down.

I would love to know what you think of Boughs of Holly.


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