Six Sentence Sunday: The Wolves of Argonne

The Wolves of Argonne is one of the endeavors that has come out of NaNo 2011. It’s new ground for me as it has a little bit of bondage and menage in it. The favorite part of it is I took and twisted Little Red Riding Hood to make it. While not the first story I’ve created from the fairytale, it is the first erotic tale. It’s novella sized and I’ve sent it to Evernight Publishing for consideration for their Naughty Fairtales series.

Premise: Rosabel (Red Riding Hood) has been raised in a cottage outside of town in the forest of Argonne. She’s come of age and is seeking a husband. Unfortunately, all is not what it seems and the Prince of the Woods (a werewolf) wants her for his own devices. So does another wolf. I wonder who wins? 😉

She pressed against the cave wall as the man from her bedroom closed. Her palms flattened against the stone to suppress the urge to dance her fingers along his flesh. His body molded to hers and she shivered as his restrained but hard cock rubbed near her throbbing sex.

“Why are you here?” She raised her chin and met his lusty stare. “Come to have a taste?”

UPDATE: I had this set up and ready to go as I try to schedule things so I’m not scrambling. I’m happy to announce I’ve been offered a contract for this novella. This makes story #2 that I worked on during NaNo that has garnered a publishing contract.


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